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About Us


Our sole focus is sedation. We are a trusted source of information about sedation equipment and supplies and sell products exclusively to dental and medical professionals. Our expertise will make sedation in your office simple, safe, and effective.

We constantly audit nationwide courses that provide the most current information on sedation techniques, safety guidelines or rules and regulations. These courses spark ideas for new products to simplify sedation and ensure safety in your everyday practice. 

Our experience has taught us that well-meaning medical suppliers often do not have a good understanding of the equipment specific to your needs. Therefore, when you call to order BASIC equipment you end up getting way more than you need, and spending more than you should.

You can expect great service and excellent communication from our team. While we are not perfect, if there is a problem we'll make every effort to produce a favorable outcome. Come to us with your questions. If we can't answer them, we'll refer you to someone who can.

Thanks so much for your business.

We really appreciate it!

The bottom line is that you are our priority. We will do what we can to offer support now and in the future.

Sedation Resource is your partner in patient safety.