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Are You Truly Prepared to Face an Emergency at Your Practice?


Recognizing a life-threatening event, knowing the basic steps to save a life, and being comfortable performing rescue procedures are vital to emergency preparedness. 


The most effective way to solidify emergency training is through realistic simulated drills and exercises in the space where they are most likely to occur. This allows for weaknesses in the flow to be revealed and areas that need improvement to be identified.


There are various ways to practice emergencies in your office. This can be as simple as guiding the team through common scenarios that could potentially occur or as advanced as having someone with a hi-fidelity manikin come to your office to conduct scenarios and provide feedback. 


Essential elements to conducting effective emergency exercises include practicing on a regular basis, incorporating mock drills that are relative to the type of patients who are typically treated, and making time to debrief afterwards. 


To facilitate realistic and regular emergency management drills, create your own training center with a set of simulation tools specific to your practice. Additionally, there are several resources that provide pre-prepared mock drills that are dental-related online video programs that will guide the team through the mock drill demonstrating airway management with both a CPR manikin and an intubation manikin. 

The goal is to create a culture of safety in your practice so that the entire team is well-prepared for any emergency. 

*Adapted from "Are You Truly Prepared to Face an Emergency at Your Practice" by Rose Dodson

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