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Clear-Cuff Pressure Infusor

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Clear-Cuff Pressure Infusor
The Clear-Cuff pressure infusor offers many advantages:

Product Features

  • Clear - The thick and durable polyurethane construction provides good visibility of the fluid bag and fluid level
  • Cost-Effective - The Clear-Cuff Pressure Infusor can be thoroughly cleaned and reused if desired (Cleaning the Clear-Cuff Pressure Infusor should be done according to the Instructions for Use)
  • Convenient - The built-in hook allows the fluid bag to be replaced without removing Clear-Cuff from the I.V. pole
  • Consistent Fluid Flow - For effective fluid management
  • Fast and Easy - The extra large squeeze bulb provides for fast inflation of the infusor. The Hi-Flo venting stopcock allows Clear-Cuff to be deflated almost instantly without squeezing the Clear-Cuff bag.
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