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Sedation Stethoscope

Sedation Stethoscope Piezo Wireless

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NEW Improved Design!! 

On/Off switch allows the chestpiece cable to remain plugged in!

Sedation Stethoscope - Piezo Wireless Amplified Pretracheal

Mobility you WANT - Monitoring you NEED
Listen to your patient with mobility!
Being tethered to the patient is a thing of the past!
Sedation Stethoscope's Piezo Chestpiece has a built-in microphone, producing diagnostic quality sound and reducing ambient noise. Chestpiece is attached to patient - amplifier is connected to table or chair - you are free to move about AND continue to monitor your patient's breathing!

You are immediately aware if patient is having respiratory distress!

Once you experience the comfort of hearing breath-by-breath that your patient is adequately breathing, a Sedation Stethoscope may be a tool you will not want to be without.

Piezo chestpiece, with built-in microphone, amplifies lung sounds while suppressing room noise. Diagnostic-quality sound! Less ambient noise.

This small amplifier is easy to use and provides outstanding sound reception with integrated Bluetooth technology! Each kit comes complete with 6' Precordial Pickup Cable, Piezo Style Chestpiece, Bluetooth Headset and NOW with rechargeable Amplifier!

Chestpiece can be held in place with double-sided adhesive disc.

Small Size 3.8" x 2.1" x 0.9".

A/C charger, batteries, and instruction manual.
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